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Private Readings

As a medium, I am a mediator between the spiritual world and the session participant. My way of working as a medium is direct communication with the dearly departed. The spiritual world determines who will contact you. Don't focus on a specific deceased person but be completely open.


For meetings in Bülach, please contact me using the following link.

Online sessions also possible with the following link.


Mediumship Reading USA
45 min.  Fr. 160.00


Meeting location: 

Online meeting via Zoom



Training your own sensitive abilities, clairvoyance, feeling and
-hearing and deepening direct communication with the spiritual world. 

Regularly further develop the knowledge you have already acquired.

The basis is to attend an introductory seminar. 

Online Mediumship Circle

international online
German and English

Thursday 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m


All data via the following link

Training / seminars / demo

Annual training in mediumship

January - December 7 weekends

in Zurich

Advanced courses in mediumship

January - December 5 weekends

in Bülach

Demonstration Meduimship with students

Current data on the following link

in Zurich

Physical Experimental Group

Swiss Parapsychological Society

January - December 7 Sundays

in Bülach

Various day seminars

Current data on the following link


Swiss Spiritualist Church

Spiritual services

in Zurich

Germany - Black Forest

Private sessions - Mediumship Demonstration - Seminars

Current data via the following link

Haslach/Hofstetten, Black Forest

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