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About me

Mental mediumship and deep trance with development in physical mediumship


As a former professional dancer and dance teacher with a master's degree in dance education, it is important to me to touch people and pass on moments of happiness.

With my psychic abilities me this in a deeper way possible and I am very grateful for that. In my work I attach great importance to seriousness and discretion. 


Through my deep trance and its development, I am in very close contact with my team in the spiritual world. They give me help, instructions and exercises that help me personally advance in my media work.

It is the spiritiIt is important to the world that I pass on my experiences and give other people access to them so that they can also establish intensive contact and benefit from it. 

I trained my mental mediumship with Bill Coller, a recognized international medium.


I currently give private sessions, seminars, circles, etcd demonstrations at home and abroad (Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Ibiza, California, New York State; Lily Dale, Florida) and am Vice President of the Swiss Parapsychological Society in Zurich and President of the Swiss Spiritualist Church in Zurich.

In Switzerland I give training courses and seminars on mental mediumship and also lead a physical experimental group, where the theory of physical mediumship is learned and the practice is also instructed and implemented. We have great phenomena in this group at the moment.

All information and data for private sessions, seminars, annual training, circles and demonstrations can be seen on the offer.

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